How Healthy Is Juice Diet?

In a world where people are always trying out the latest diet craze or the newest fitness routine, I wonder if juicing trend was all it was cracked up to be. Are real health benefits? Are you losing weight? You can hurt the body to do it? All these questions are things I hope to find out, and who knows, I might even try juicing yourself. The following article discusses the benefits of juicing. If you decide to join juice craze then you need to consult medical experts and talk to them about health and goals. Also, make sure that you have health insurance just in case you need it along your journey.

Juice craze has been gaining popularity since the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead premieres. In this film, Joe travels the United States in an effort to see how Americans eat and how it affects his health. While traveling he committed to juicing for 60 days. At the end of the journey he not only lost weight but had significantly improved their health, brain function, and even energy. Now if you are like me, 60 days sounds like a very long time. Most programs now vary between 3-10 days. If you decide to go further, but it is important that you consult your physician. So even though this documentary shows great performance, you still skeptical? There are many more benefits which you can reach from juicing.

One of the main benefits of juicing is to promote the body to produce. Most people today are not eating the amount of doses USDA recommends actually. As a culture we plan our meal of meat and before instead of adding things to the vegetables.

Also by juicing you are allowing all the nutrients in fruits and vegetables that you immediately into the bloodstream where they are in liquid form and do not need to go through the slow digestive process.

Speaking of the digestive process, yours is probably operate at a much slower than it should. Dairy and meat can actually clog it up and make it difficult for the body to cleanse itself and absorb other nutrients. With juicing for several days to allow the body to push these toxins through your body and prepare it for all the nutrients you will bring it.

Now benefit everyone wondering, yes there are people who report actual weight loss. Some claim to lose a pound a day. You will lose fat weight and water weight mostly. Not everyone operates the same way so above trying to lose weight you should look at this as a clear way to improve your health and if you lose weight it is a great added bonus.

As I said earlier, before you start, you should consult your doctor and make sure that you have health insurance just in case. It is also important to prepare your body for several days in advance so that you do not take the food that bad. Happy Juicing!

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